Union County
 Police Chiefs Association

State of New Jersey




                                 Chief William Alder (Ret.)                        Chief Allan Attanasio (Ret.)                  

                                 Chief John Bialas (Ret.)                           Chief Anthony Buccelli(Ret.)** 

                                 Chief Sal Bivona (Ret.)                             Chief Kenneth Grady (Ret.) 

Chief Mike Boyle (Ret.)                            Chief John Bryson (Ret.)            

                                  Chief Robert Carboy (Ret.)                      Chief William Chisholm (Ret.)

                                         Chief Daniel Conger, (Ret.)                     Chief Sandy Danco (Ret.) **                                

                                 Chief Brent David (Ret.)                          Chief James Debbie (Ret.) **

                                         Chief Ralph Del Duca (Ret.)                    Chief Peter R. DeRose (Ret.) **     

Chief Frank DeSanto (Ret.)                     Chief Donald Domanoski (Ret.)  

  Chief William A. Dowd (Ret.) **             Chief John F. Driscoll (Ret)         

Chief Carl Ehnis (Ret.)                             Chief Dennis Farrell (Ret.)          
Chief Frank Formichella (Ret.)                Chief Wayne Garrison (Ret.)

Chief Willilam Grush (Ret.)                      Chief Kenneth Hagemann (Ret.) 

 Chief Barry Henderson (Ret.)                  Chief Ed Hudak (Ret.)     
                                         Chief Thomas Kraemer (Ret.)                 Chief William Legg (Ret.)            

Chief Dennis K. Lesak (Ret.)                    Chief Robert A. Luce (Ret.)         

Chief Robert Lucid (Ret.)                         Chief Ben Malaspina (Ret.)

Chief Richard Mannix (Ret.)                    Chief Douglas R. Marvin (Ret.)   

  Chief Michael Mathis (Ret.)                     Chief Brian Mahoney (Ret.) **

                                 Chief Pat McColgan (Ret.)                       Chief John Miliano (Ret.)            

Chief Charles M. Monica (Ret.)               Chief Paul Morrison (Ret.)**
                                 Chief Gerald Orlando (Ret.) **               Chief Jonathan Parham (Ret.)
                                 Chief Louis Panarese (Ret.)                    Chief Robert Guertin (Ret.)

                                 Chief Anthony Parenti (Ret.)                  Chief David Parks (Ret.) 
                                 Chief John Parizeau (Ret)                       Chief Robert Quinlin (Ret.) **

Chief Ted P. Rica (Ret.)                           Chief William Schneller (Ret.)     
  Chief George Shelbourne (Ret.)             Chief John Simon (Ret.)              

                                 Chief Patrick Shannon (Ret.)                  Chief Bruce Underhill (Ret.)            

                                 Chief Alan Scherb (Ret.)                         Chief Daniel Vaniska (Ret.) ** 

                                 Chief Ron Simon (Ret.)                           Chief Anthony Smar (Ret.)

Chief Edward Tilton (Ret.)                      Chief Donald G. Tisch (Ret.)        

                                 Chief Bernard Tracy (Ret.)                      Chief James Venezia, Jr. (Ret.)   

                                 Chief Davis Wayman (Ret.)                    
Chief Kevin White (Ret.)                         

                                 Chief Warren Wielgus (Ret.) **            
Chief Harry Wilde (Ret.)                  

                                 Chief James Wozniak                              
Chief David L. Zager (Ret.)**

                                 Chief Thomas O'Brien (Ret.)                  Chief Robert Weck (Ret.)

 Chief Walter Berg (Ret.)**




**  Past UCPCA President

** Retired Chief’s Welfare Committee Chairman















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